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Frequently Asked Questions

For cash on delivery and credit card payments, the product you ordered is shipped within 48 hours at the latest. Our products are in stock, so they are usually shipped the next day of your order, but in the event of a possible mishap, the new stock update may take up to 7 business days, and the output of your order may be held up to 7 business days. In case of your urgency, you can contact our customer service to learn the net stock status. For payments made by money order and EFT, this period starts from the date of your transfer. You can find out how many days it will reach you after the product is shipped by calling the cargo branch written in the SMS sent to your phone by the cargo company. Our company does not intervene in the process after the product is delivered to the cargo.

By design, models can be wide molds, but shoulder sizes are always worked in accordance with the standards. For this reason, the products you order one size small by seeing it in abundance may stretch your shoulders or the arm length may be short. For this reason, it will be the best choice to order the size you frequently use in all our models.

We can help you with a small example. For a person who is 165 cm tall, the full length garment size is 135 cm. In this case, for a person who is 170 cm tall, it will be 140 cm full length dress size. You can calculate your full height in proportion to these measurements. In addition, most of our models can be cut according to their own height, with their own means. (Additional explanation is available in the product description for suitable models.)

You can ship the product you will return to us within 14 days, provided that the product is undamaged and unused, together with its packaging and invoice. You should print out your e-archive invoice sent to your e-mail, fill in the relevant fields and ship it with the product to us. IBAN information and the name and surname of the person to whom the IBAN belongs must be written on the product invoice in the return of the payments made by wire transfer and EFT. Its product is LAİLA TEKSTİL GİYİM SAN. And TİC. LTD. ŞTİ, you can send the current code 510011495 to the cargo officer and send it free of charge via MNG Kargo. If you are going to return with MNG cargo, the code you need to tell to the cargo officer is: 510011495. Our address information is registered in the cargo company. It is enough to say that I will send to LAİLA Tekstil. Shipping cost belongs to us for returns with MNG cargo. Payments sent to us from different cargoes are not accepted. If you are going to send by different cargo, you can reach our address information from the contact section.

There is no change in your purchases from our online store. Since the product you want may be out of stock during the time it takes in the cargo while sending the product to us, we do not make changes in order to avoid problems in the exchange process. However, you can return the product you want to change the size or color of, and you can order the size and color you want from our site again. If the product you have returned has not been used and has not been damaged, your return order will be given within 7 business days at the latest.

The refund of your return will be refunded according to the payment method (cash / installment) you make when ordering on our site. Since the returns are made by automatic systems, the refund is made according to the payment type of the order you have created in the system. If the installment payment method is used in orders, the refund will be in installments; Even if the prepayment method was used, the refund is paid back to the card in advance. If you have paid by money order, it will be sufficient to write the name and surname of the person to whom the account belongs and the IBAN information (26-digit account number starting with TR) on your official invoice sent to your mail. After the product reaches us, you will be instructed to return the product price you have purchased within 7 working days at the latest.

Within 7 working days after your return cargo is delivered to us, LAİLA TEKSTİL GİYİM SAN. And TİC. LTD. ŞTİ will refund your credit card. It is at the initiative of your bank to reflect the amount returned by us to your balance, and it may take 1 to 10 business days depending on your bank.

Sorry, the door-to-door payment system is currently not active in our system. The works related to the payment system at the door are under construction by the Laila Online Team and will be activated in the future.

Yes, you can also shop from abroad. Our payment systems also work in accordance with foreign cards. You can seamlessly pay with your credit cards belonging to banks abroad and create orders. Or, you can eft any of our account numbers in the payment methods section of our site via Western Union. Generally, the day after your payment is received, your order will be shipped to you with UPS/DHL/Aramex/PTT shipping assurance. Your cargo tracking number is sent to your e-mail address by UPS/DHL/Aramex/PTT KARGO. The delivery date is stated in the same mail as the 'estimated delivery date'. Unless otherwise due to customs, delivery will be made within 1-2 business days to European countries and 2-4 business days to America. Delivery dates vary between 2-5 working days to other continents.

If the products sent abroad are delivered to us within 14 days from the date of delivery, a refund is possible. Refunds can be sent to your accounts at banks located abroad. EFT can be made to foreign banks. Packages that do not reach us within 14 days will not be refunded. For international returns, the shipping cost belongs to you.

Free shipping is provided with the PTS CARGO Assurance for any product you purchase from abroad on our site (Free shipping PTS 7-30 DAYS DELIVERY). If you want fast delivery, you can pay the shipping fee of $ 17.90, which is an additional cost of EXPRESS Shipping (DHL / UPS / ARAMEX / 2-4 DAYS DELIVERY ALL COUNTRIES) option. You can choose the paid and free shipping options among the options that will appear when purchasing the product.