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Laila is a well-established brand that has appeared in Lale since 1992.Our company has been continuing its production for years without compromising its quality on the basis of production with years of experience and know-how.The most basic features that make our company different from the companies in the textile market are the design, product variety, originality, splendor and keeping the production and quality at the highest level.Our company satisfies the supply and demands of its customers with 100% working capacity in its 2 large factories.Laila Giyim, which always uses the latest technology in the women's ready-to-wear sector, has always been at the top of the sector with its special style, following the innovations, reflecting fashion and colors to its designs, and combining high quality fabrics with superior workmanship.


Our collection consists of blouses, dresses, tights, tracksuits, t-shirts and swit. Our models consisting of viscose, velvet, fleece, velsoft, lacoste, fur, sendi, double yarn, three-thread, glaria, interlock fabrics have gained great appreciation in domestic and international markets.Laila collections have a variety of sizes to meet large size needs.


In addition to exports to many Asian and African countries, especially KAZAKHSTAN, ISRAEL, IRAQ, SYRIA, AZERBAIJAN, ALGERIA, MOROCCO, EGYPT, QATAR, UAE, DUBAI, TAILAND; It exports to many countries such as USA, UK, UKRAINE, RUSSIA, GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY.


Our company has been exporting only WHOLESALE since 1992. After this elapsed time, our company has decided to enter the retail sector in 2020 in line with common ideas, due to the recognition and awareness in recent years.As a result, you can follow Laila on the marketplace sites that sell online in many parquets as of 2020 and on its own site, you can see the current models and shop as you wish.


Remember, you can choose LAILA to bring your beauty together with your dazzling elegance. Lailaonline wishes all its customers safe and healthy shopping.